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After suffering through 8 years of the anti-gun Barack Obama administration, gun owners showed up to the polls for real “hope and change.” But for the most part, all we got was more of the same!

Despite electing Donald Trump as president and electing a GOP majority in both houses of Congress, we continue to see complete and total inaction on anything related to restoring the Second Amendment.

They have enjoyed unilateral control over our government for almost two years... and we are tired of waiting for them to do something. 

That’s why we need to crank up the pressure on our elected representatives and remind them of why we elected them in the first place.

They are here to restore the Second Amendment.

And we’ve got a message for Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell: We Demand #OurGunVote NOW! 

Demand #OURgunvote and tell Speaker Ryan & Senate Leader McConnell to do their jobs NOW using the secure form below: