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After suffering through 8 years of the anti-gun Barack Obama administration, gun owners showed up to the polls for real hope and change.

That's why, in a coast-to-coast rebuke of the anti-gun left, gun owners elected President Donald Trump to the White House and cemented the GOP as the majority party in both the House and Senate.

The job our elected officials were sent to do was clear then, and it remains clear now: 

Advance the Second Amendment by voting for legislation to expand gun rights across America.

But now some Republicans are caving to an anti-gun "progressive" Democrat party, Hollywood elites, and the alt-left news media.

Even worse, Speaker Ryan has announced that he’s "shelving" the SHARE Act -- a comprehensive, pro-Second Amendment bill that would be a game-changer for gun owners.

And adding insult to injury, Speaker Ryan has blocked a floor vote on H.R.38 , critically-important national carry reciprocity legislation.

We’ve got a message for Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell: WE did OUR part. It's time for YOU to do YOURS!

Demand #OURgunvote and tell Speaker Ryan & Senate Leader McConnell to do their jobs NOW using the secure form below: